The snow is here...

February already and now in the grips of Winter. Like most of the country we woke up to several inches of snow this morning. When I let the animals out this morning, for many of them it was the first time they had seen or experienced snow properly (as we only had a very light covering before) and didn’t seem too impressed. Having said that, the ducks were happy as they could find a spot in the pond where they could swim (and not iced over).

Star has had a lodger with him for the past week or so in the form of a poorly chicken. I found her almost collapsed one morning in the enclosure so she spent several days in Star’s bedroom/cage to recover. She was an absolute joy and the respite seems to have worked as we put her back yesterday afternoon and she doing well this morning. Star didn’t appear to be put out by her either. I wonder if he quite enjoyed the company as he used to share his bedroom with a rabbit for a long time.  The rabbit – Boudica – by the way, is really happy with her new room mate Chester or “grumps” as we call her as she looks and acts grumpy. But we quite frequently see them just happily snuggled up together. 

Star is going through more moulting at the moment so is looking a little untidy but, along with our extended family of animals, he is thriving and happy. He is also starting to enjoy hanging out with the other ducks and chickens too (not that he would probably admit it if anyone asked him, as he is not a duck is he!).

Sue Hayman